Visiting and giving gifts to the epidemic prevention control forces in Vinh City, Nghe An CDC.

Responding to the call of the Nghe An Provincial Fatherland Front Committee on "All people unite, make every effort to prevent and combat the Covid-19 epidemic", On the afternoon of June 17, 2021, Comrade Phan Thi Hoan - Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee Provincial enterprises; Mr. Nguyen Duy Hien - Secretary of the Party Committee - Director of Trung Do Joint Stock Company visited, gave gifts, officials, nurses and doctors at the frontline of the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control Center Diseases of the province with the desire to share, encourage and encourage the spirit of medical staff and doctors, who are on duty trying to overcome difficulties, striving to successfully complete their assigned tasks.

       Here, the Party Committee of Enterprise Division of Nghe An Province and Mr. Nguyen Duy Hien, on behalf of the employees of Trung Do Joint Stock Company, gave an amount of VND 30 million to officials, nurses and doctors, who are on the frontline of COVID-19 prevention and control – 19.

During this peak period, Trung Do Joint Stock Company called and mobilized all employees of the Company to donate 1 day's salary to support donations for the prevention of Covid 19 epidemic.

(Source: Company Communication Department.)


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